EDML calls for PhD candidates

EDML (edml.uniwa.gr/en) calls for PhD candidates on the following research area:

Pressure Stimulated Currents and Acoustic Emissions on the study of structural integrity of materials and structural members. Professor Ilias Stavrakas – ilias@uniwa.gr –  http://edml.uniwa.gr/en/stavrakas/

The call will be in agreement and follow the PhD regulations of the Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Eng. (http://eee.uniwa.gr/el/spoudes/didaktorikes-spoudes) of the University of West Attica.

There are no tuition fees required for this PhD project.

There is currently no available funding to cover the living expenses of the PhD candidate. However, he/she will be encouraged and supported to apply for an external scholarship.

Summary of doctoral thesis

The necessity of monitoring structural integrity of infrastructures is known and of vital importance. Furthermore it is noted that the available technologies for the estimation of structural integrity face three main inhibitory factors:

  1. High cost of monitoring equipment
  2. The well-established technologies mainly focus at the surface damages that most of the times are detected only when the infrastructure has no more capacity of load strength.
  3. When dealing with monuments the access and intervene on the monument surfaces is most of the times not allowed.

During the proposed research, laboratory measurements will be conducted by the aid of novel innovative experimental protocols (i.e. Pressure Stimulated Currents, Acoustic Emissions, Digital Image Correlation, Ultra High Speed Camera etc). For the very first time an attempt will be conducted for the spatiotemporal estimation of the damage development in large structural members. The main aim is the detection of potential damage indices that will be used as failure precursors.

1 PhD candidate 

Language: Greek / English