Toxics: Special Issue “New Advances in Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors”

The aim of this Special Issue is to present the latest research advancements on low-cost air pollution sensors that focus on, but are not limited to:

  • Review articles on the latest progress in indoor and outdoor air pollution sensors and their application;
  • Field—outdoor and indoor—and laboratory evaluation of new sensors;
  • Assessment of sensor reliability and validity, examining issues such as aging, stability over time and cross-sensitivity;
  • Innovative approaches in sensor data postprocessing and calibration;
  • Methodologies for environmental data analysis, especially when working with sensor networks, combined sensing systems, IoT sensors, wireless;
  • Case studies on targeted monitoring around air pollution hotspots (highways, industrial sites, harbors, airports) and integration with early warning and decision support systems;
  • Investigation of effects due to diverse atmospheric chemical composition;
  • Applications for exposure and health risk assessment, in community multi-scale air quality models and air pollution control technology;
  • Implementation in citizen science initiatives;
  • Impact on regulations and trends on air quality policy.